• Becca Clifton

How to Create a Gallery Wall

I absolutely love to create gallery walls! I see it as another chance to pull in pieces stored away and display them in a creative way that creates conversation. Just like in furnishing our home, I try to create a gallery wall display that tells a story.

Step One:

Shop your home. Find pictures and decor that you would like to have displayed. This could be favorite photos, personalized signs, wreaths, really anything works. Get creative and use items that might not typically be considered wall decor. I personally like gallery walls that have a combination of several different types of decor and textures.

Step Two:

Lay your items out on the floor to get a general idea of the layout you want. Then cutout paper in the size of each item and tape it to your wall. This allows you to step back and check out the layout and how it looks on your wall before putting nails in the wall.

Step Three:

Hang your pieces and then step back and admire your work! It's that simple!

Here is a gallery wall I have over our couch. Each picture has meaning and a story behind it. Even the wreath was handmade with cotton from my husband's hometown. As I mentioned before, this wall generates great conversation when guests visit.

This wall is one I did for my sister's living room. I made the scrabble tiles of their names and then we filled in the spaces with other decor pieces she had in her house. I love the combination of shapes and textures on this wall!

This display is in my kitchen. It's handwritten recipes from my grandmothers as well as my husband's grandmothers. True treasures!

Bottom line...just have fun with it and create something that puts a smile on your face each time you walk in the room!

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