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Dollar Tree Pumpkin Crafts

This little project is from the Dollar Tree. It's a simple afternoon craft or in my case, a craft I can complete during nap time.

It's been a long time since I've been to the Dollar Tree, but when I walked in I was instantly transported back to my childhood. I spent my summers and most afternoons after school at my Mammaw's house when I was growing up. If I was good for the week, she would always take me to our local dollar store to pick out a toy for my good behavior. Looking back now I realize our trip was just as much for her as it was for me. She LOVED shopping at the dollar store and I just loved spending time with her!

For this project, you'll need:

  • Pumpkin sign from Dollar Tree

  • Acrylic paint (I used a creamy white)

  • Hot glue

  • Mini clothespin

  • Scrap wood piece for a stand

  • Stain for the wood

This project is so simple that I don't think step-by-step plans are needed, but here you go:

1. Remove any embellishments you don't want on the pumpkin.

2. Paint the pumpkin with your color of choice. I went with a creamy white for a neutral colored pumpkin. It will likely take a couple coats to cover up the background design.

3. This step is optional, but I took a scrap piece of wood I already had on hand, cut it down to size and stained it to serve as the base. Apply hot glue to attach the pumpkin to the base. The pumpkin comes with string to hang it which is an option for display, but I wanted mine to stand up on a table.

4. I purchased these little clothes pins from Walmart, painted one gold, and then just hot glued it to my pumpkin.

5. Your pumpkin is done! Now just find a cute picture to put in the frame.

Happy crafting!

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